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Sample photo from new DOMAI Gallery: Gigi
Gallery has been added to Domai at March 15/2005 and have 25 hi-res pictures total.
DOMAI Sample Photo

You will need Domai' membership for download complete series, I can post only one large photo here.
DOMAI Sample DOMAI Sample DOMAI Sample DOMAI Sample DOMAI Sample DOMAI Sample

Domai Simple Nudes is run by a man named Eolake Stobblehouse, his erotic photography site DOMAI stands for "The Dirty Old Men's Association International", which is of course just a joke. This is one manís collection of beautiful women. But there's quite an extensive philosophy behind this site, but the abbreviated version is basically this: Eolake believes that men (himself included) have been stigmatized throughout the ages as "Dirty Old Men" simply for looking at beautiful women...

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